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We offer your comprehensive landscaping service that is sure to have you smiling. Don’t settle for less on this important investment. Make sure you are getting the most out of what could be your favorite spot in the house! 

A Service You Can Rely On

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Whether you are seeking residential or commercial landscaping we’ve got the know-how and equipment to do the job correctly and timely. When you are making an investment this large & permanent. You want to ensure you are using a company fueled with passion! From design to construction we can do it all! 


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Why you can trust us

We have full WCB coverage on all staff and snow removal teams as well as no less than $1 million contractor and public general liability insurance. 

Our professional staff are dedicated and dependable, highly trained and proficient in everything that we do. Safety comes first, and everyone is aware of the right procedures to achieve the results our clients are looking for. We are prepared to be on site at any time to ensure deadlines are met and no job will be finished until our team leaders and clients have approved. 

Safety is our #1 priority and all of our teams are aware of this. We ensure that the job is done safely and correctly while maintaining timelines. 

Landscaping Services

Landscape Design

When you hire Quickline Construction, you can trust that our experts can provide you with a uniquely captivating landscape for your yard, business or other public space.

Rough & Final Grading

Professional grading is important when it comes to your property and its proper drainage. Without a trained proffesisonal, you may face issues such as:

• Water pooling

• Basement Flooding

• Unevenly watered grass & dead spots

Sod, Artificial Turf & Plants

Quickline is your true one-stop shop, we offer everything including sod and turf installation. As well as trees, shrubs, or other types of plants. Quickline understands the importance of greenery in landscapes and our experts are trained to design and place them safely for ideal growth.

Concrete, Patios, Stones & Retaining Walls


Our offerings for soft scaping are extensive and as such, we offer a full package when it comes to hard scraping as well in both commercial and residential landscaping. We are experts in concrete, paving stones, patios and the list goes on. With out experienced professionals, any landscape is possible.

Landscaping in Edmonton

Proudly Serving our communities

When it comes to landscaping, our team of experts are properly equipped, trusted, and experienced in transforming yards, business properties, or any outdoor space into a dream. Quickline Construction LTD. will exceed your expectations and increase your property value while providing budget friendly or upscale solutions! You let us know what your look for and we will do the rest. 

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